Monday, March 26, 2012

I am your Reason ~

Hadn't I known your love is Spherical , would I be spinning now?
Why have you always seen me coming and strove to lock me up in this Freedom?
Yes , you presented yourself in my possession but please can you show me my limits?
You've put me in the wild Void , one that is filled with open fields of possibilities
You are to me the utmost case of Ambiguity and I am to myself the addicted poet to your yearning puzzles
Has tranquility ever passed us by lately?
It is not that bizarre after all , and it wouldn't occur otherwise any way... that
I am your Reason
For this past life Serendipity ~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Fathom Oddity

I am in that place where , there's huge traffic of thoughts but the fingers shiver 
Where I know exactly what I came for but once I got there , amnesia stroke me 
This forgetfulness is no other than the companion of confusion , not of my own but of my senses
My senses dictate the words, the identity , I just move around them in beautiful fathomless spirals
Thus I decided to re-locate , I chose your mind and Your mind let me in 
Have you incarnated into Fate? For I've seen nothing but movements and designs 
Evolving around the path of my foot-prints..
Haven't you heard of my recent pain? One that became so concrete that All I feel now is Abstract 
That made me impose on myself a fake desire to escape my true pleasure , that exquisite essence..
Without which I cannot enter unconsciousness , my Real Awareness
Without which I cannot return back to what is known as Reality
You are the link , not by choice , by existence
You are the ashes , that I become upon burning 
And when you speak the words , Words turn themselves into action ~

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Myself beyond the latter ~

Love is as characteristic as one's own character , it is not shaped nor felt by any universal design
Love beckons us at all times , while it is timeless , it seeks our minds and hearts while we lose them
You and I might have ended as lovers , but Love has never seized to drunken us from its Spirit
And beyond sky-high peaks of pain , myself finds herself hooked on you more than ever
Because that's what Love and Pain have imprinted on me
I am the adored of their breed , I am living in reverse
Bewildered by this state , one with regenerated emotions of memories that memory chose to forget
What I am tasting , is the flavor of all lovers yet we do not carry the same elements within
The name under which my emotion exists is Universal , yet my feelings target me alone
My self in every cell is their destination and they have taken toll on me
They modified me , they identified with me , they know I have not met them before
They are aware they are my first and they have finally captured me
I have been their prey for many years while Love was a far-fetched matter
And as hard as it was to fall , it will be even harder to fall out
Who would I be without them , I wouldn't tell , I could never recognize
And beyond lingering plains of Love ,  there He is with full knowledge of it All
Could it be that what's mine is a replica of what is his?
While the Sun and the Earth seem to meet at the Horizon , it is only a visual fusion of the colors of our mind
These are the odds upon which We'll find one another , upon which the hand of my Soul will caress his ~