Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Fathom Oddity

I am in that place where , there's huge traffic of thoughts but the fingers shiver 
Where I know exactly what I came for but once I got there , amnesia stroke me 
This forgetfulness is no other than the companion of confusion , not of my own but of my senses
My senses dictate the words, the identity , I just move around them in beautiful fathomless spirals
Thus I decided to re-locate , I chose your mind and Your mind let me in 
Have you incarnated into Fate? For I've seen nothing but movements and designs 
Evolving around the path of my foot-prints..
Haven't you heard of my recent pain? One that became so concrete that All I feel now is Abstract 
That made me impose on myself a fake desire to escape my true pleasure , that exquisite essence..
Without which I cannot enter unconsciousness , my Real Awareness
Without which I cannot return back to what is known as Reality
You are the link , not by choice , by existence
You are the ashes , that I become upon burning 
And when you speak the words , Words turn themselves into action ~


  1. Beautiful Lines....your poem has so much of passion...

  2. Thank you very much Avijeet , pleased to have you here! Enjoy ~