Friday, February 24, 2012

That first step.

I honestly don't know what to talk about , when I have a full universe to tell
Some of the best things have already been said , and some could not possibly be said..
I do have a story to share , I have only merely spilled parts here and there so far - but what's the point?
That'll not do it any justice , I was once told to write whatever comes to mind , and mine is eager to let out what the heart and soul have tasted , I have tasted loss , not the kind that one has never been through before but it's just that All losses cannot possibly come at once , because no matter what one would still have one's self. I don't. I believe any 'normal' human being is a non-diagnosed case , I am living mine , I do not seek identification or knowledge of the latter ; I find it interesting. It created for me this weird bubble that will soon become a window for you to open and drown in my own world of words and utterances.
My sadness is not the kind that calls for tears , it's one that makes you believe in a concept we are all familiar with yet fail to achieve to the utmost.."Change".
April's feather will draw Her poetry ~ Poetry that belongs to you. 


  1. Much love & respect, keep goin !

  2. Likewise dear , your support is priceless.

  3. yes i can feel the first step,Go April draw ur poetry on our life walls and i will always read goooooooo.....

  4. Appreciate the motivation , thank you endlessly